Storage and Warehousing

SRCO provides a wide range of storage and warehouse solutions. Whether you need to move, ship, or store your items in our storage in Saudi Arabia, we will help you out to keep them safe and secure.

We help our clients with all our services, such as Freight forwarding, logistics, and storing. We work very hard to incorporate all of these services and to make an offer to our customers to complete their Freight forwarding needs with us.

  • Temperature-controlled storage units. Need to store sensitive goods? Then opt for these units! They can sustain sensitive items like perishable foods, plants, antique furniture pieces, etc.
  • Dry Storage: Dry storage involves storing goods that are less temperature sensitive and generally have a longer shelf life.
  • Units that are equipped with special security measures. In case you need to store items of high value, you can place them in these units and rest at ease.
  • Facilities for storing safely hazardous and dangerous goods. All of these items will be handled with extra care. 
  • Short-term facilities. A perfect solution for storing goods for no more than three months.
  • Long-term facilities. A perfect solution for storing goods for more than three months.

Foodservice storage facilities feature ambient, chilled, and frozen temperature zones to ensure Proper climate control for fresh and frozen foods. This constant temperature stability preserves food quality and reduces sanitation risks.