The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was established under the Council of Ministers resolution no (1) dated 07/01/1424 H, as an independent body corporate that directly reports to The President of the Council of Ministers. The Authority’s objective is to ensure the safety of food and drug for humans and animals, and the safety of biological and chemical substances as well as electronic products.

A Board of Directors, chaired by HRH Crown Prince, Deputy Premier. Its membership includes HRH Minster of Municipality and Rural Affairs as vice-chairman, and all pertinent ministers (HRH Minister of Interior, Minister of Health, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minster of Agriculture, Minister of Water, and Electricity, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Economic and Planning). As well as, the Director-General of Saudi Arabian Standards and Specification Organization, the Chairperson of Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom, the Authority’s Executive Chief, and a person specializing in food and drug.