• Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) was established in 1396H/1976AD, as a specialized working system for constructing and managing Saudi ports at a high-efficiency level. Within few years only, Saudi Ports Authority succeeded in transforming the Saudi ports into a vital economic feeder. After that, Saudi ports with their diverse specialties played an exceptional role in developing the regional and international maritime business, and transporting passengers, especially the visitors of holy places in the Kingdom.

    The year 1417AH/1996AD was a turning point in Saudi ports’ history, where our esteemed government announced its big and endless support to national developing projects. The ports sector was the first sector to be privatized in the Kingdom. This turning point was accompanied by an exceptional role played by the private sector. An enormous amount of money was invested in developing Saudi ports and their administrations according to modern methods. This historical and significant step has effectively helped in transforming our ports into independent economic entities that support the national economy efficiently and comprehensively with steady steps towards larger ends and broad growth. Exports soar from 10% to 70% of the total cargo movement in ports in only a few years.

    The Saudi ports network consists of 9 ports; 6 of them are commercial and the other 3 are industrial ports equipped with the latest necessary technologies and operational methods to welcome all types of maritime shipping modes, regardless of how it is developed, and to face all challenges and changes with confidence. Saudi ports have been internationally recognized for their development and growth in all economic sectors, which is reflected in receiving the largest share of exports and imports around the world.