About Us

The Specialized Resource Co. Ltd (SRCO) is a customs clearance and logistics company located in Saudi Arabia. The organization has been an active participant of the Al Roqi Group for providing premium customs and transportation solutions in the region since its inception in 2009. With over a decade’s experience, SRCO has built an extensive network in the region while expanding its service offering to include freight forwarding, shipment support services, advanced transportation services, container services, and shipping services, including reefer-related services in addition to its primary offerings. Our value-added services have been developed to adapt to changing client needs by evaluating the industry landscape to identify opportunities for improving service quality and speed.

At SRCO, we pride ourselves on being an innovative organization that utilizes modern technology and believes in continuous digital improvement to provide modern and effective solutions in line with global standards. SRCO is dedicated to upholding quality throughout its operations, and it is ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certified. The organization is also a part of the global logistics network as it holds a certificate of merit as a customs clearance agent of the World Customs Organization.


We aim to become the preferred partner for customs clearance and logistics in the Arabian Peninsula by establishing Saudi Arabia as a key driver of international trade and facilitating local businesses and individuals to become a part of the global network.

We are committed to building a digitally enhanced logistics center that capitalizes on Saudi Arabia’s location, allowing for connectivity between three of the largest continents with established international trade.

Our vision is in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to establish a mutually beneficial relationship by developing specialized skills while partnering with local and international organizations to develop and continuously improve the logistical and transportation network for creating an advanced integrated supply chain network throughout the region.


SRCO is a one-stop solution for customs clearance and logistic services operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We aim to transform the industry through digital enhancements and local innovation to improve the speed and quality of managing customs-related clearance while enhancing logistical efficiency. We are constantly innovating and keeping track of the latest developments in the field to integrate tools for fast-tracking custom clearance by aligning documentation for releasing goods in a timely manner without incurring additional costs. As a customer-oriented organization, we focus on providing premium service to ensure the swift delivery of goods while providing consulting services to familiarize clients with the industrial landscape and assist them in developing business solutions.


SRCO has five values that enable our pursuit of excellence and provide our clients and partners with consistent services. These values are upheld by our employees and management, and they have been established by evaluating customer expectations and needs.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Excellence
  3. Transparency
  4. Convenience
  5. Commitment

Industry Overview

SRCO primarily functions in the customs clearance and transportation industries while also offering freight forwarding, storage, and warehousing services.

The custom clearance industry facilitates the import and export of goods in international trade across borders. The process is facilitated by using authorized customs brokers who ensure items are cross-checked with relevant documentation to ensure the custom duties are paid so the shipment can reach its final destination. The custom rules and regulations are unique to different countries, and they are prone to change with developments in international policy and trade. The customs clearance procedures have different requirements depending on the category of shipment.

The transportation industry provides a key service for maintaining logistical networks as it allows goods to be moved between destinations through different modes of transportation, including air, sea, and land. This industry requires a developed infrastructure for fast and smooth delivery of goods, especially through the land, which requires well-maintained roads and railway systems for enhanced efficiency. Transportation services are also enhanced with supporting functions such as effective storage and warehousing facilities that ensure goods arrive at the final destination through the proper channels and in excellent condition.

Our Services

1.      Custom Clearance

SRCO provides custom clearance services in line with the requirements of Saudi Arabia for the following items:

  • General Cargo
  • Food Items
  • Food Packaging Materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural Product
  • Cosmetics Products
  • Perishables
  • Restricted Products
  • Items requiring Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) Approval

SRCO has the relevant expertise to obtain approvals from customs supporting government departments, including:

  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).
  • Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) – (SABER)
  • Customs Tariff codes system.

2.      Transportation

SRCO utilizes multiple transportation options for ensuring efficient delivery through vehicles such as:

  • Trucks for long-distance transport
  • Trucks within city limits
  • Heavy-duty trailers ranging between 20 and 40 ft.
  • Light duty trailers capable of carrying weights up to 10 tuns

Local Transportation

Our transportation network is developed locally throughout Saudi Arabia, and it uses trucks for delivering items in major and minor cities via highways, motorways, and roads.

International Transportation

Our international transportation network safely delivers items across borders with relevant clearance for cost-effective services, making it easy for customers to receive their items without dealing with customs.

Temperature Controlled Transportation

SRCO provides custom transport solutions for different products such as temperature-controlled transport options that carry perishable items, temperature-sensitive medications and chemicals, and food items. This transportation option ensures items are preserved during the journey, and they maintain their quality when they reach their final destination.

Dry Transportation

SRCO provides transportation for dry bulk items that do not come with product packaging as its trucks and trailers come with a solid container that prevents any loss of material and contamination during transportation.

3.      Freight

Freight forwarding is primarily managed by Phoenix – a subsidiary of SRCO, which provides the following services:

Air Freight

Airfreight services are integrated into our logistical network as we can deliver and pick up small parcels and large cargo containers for immediate delivery through our selective air carriers. Our express services can be availed as door-to-door and door to airport services for added convenience.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight services are excellent for transporting load-bearing items of different sizes and volumes in shipping containers. We offer two standard container sizes – 20 ft. and 40 ft. with additional flexibility offered through Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipment options.

Land Freight

Land freight services are related to the dry transportation services provided for local and international deliveries. We have an extensive network that allows us to connect seamlessly with city hubs to maintain cost-effective routes that save time.

4.      Storage and Warehousing

SRCO offers storage and warehousing facilities in Saudi Arabia to support the delivery of goods for the short-term and long-term. Our range of storage units provides customized options, including temperature control, dry storage, enhanced security, and abiding with storage safety policies for transporting hazardous and dangerous items such as chemical compounds.

5.      E-Services and Consultancy

SRCO provides services through online platforms that are developed using the latest technological and digital developments. We also understand the complexity of dealing with customs and logistics; therefore, we offer consultancy services to understand customer needs better and provide guidance according to the applicable rules and regulations.

Our History, Expansion, and Growth

The SRCO has achieved milestones in the customs and transportation industries, thereby establishing itself as a key player in the local and international landscape.

2009 – Establishment of the Al Roqi Group

2013 – The company developed a branch at the King Abdul Aziz Airport

2015 – Mr. Sattam Alroqi appointed as CEO

2018 – Al Roqi Group becomes SRCO

2020 – SRCO awarded the certificate of merit from the World Customs Organization

Present – SRCO becomes ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certified